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The design of the new 718 Cayman.

Precise, not fanciful. Self-assured, not restrained. Low, wide and sleek. The design of the new 718 Cayman can be described with different words, but why don’t you convince yourself with this video?

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Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU6: 718 Cayman models 9.0-6.9l/100km; CO2 emissions: 184 – 158 g/km

Driving like in the good old days – Porsche Sport Driving School: Cl

Driving like in the good old days. Nobody appreciates this more than Classic Car owners. And what better way than to share this feeling with other like-minded individuals?

Designed for sports drivers and the devoted owners of Porsche vehicles up to the 993 model or pre-1995 models of other makes, our Classic Cars training brings vintage motor enthusiasts and experts together for a very special event. Participants can enjoy one whole day full of classic design, automotive passion and, naturally, plenty of driving pleasure – without the aid of electronic assistance systems.

Autonomous trucking: the world premieres made by Mercedes-Benz – Merce

The three-pointed star is pioneering autonomous trucks – with a series of world premieres: In 2014, the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 showed that autonomous driving is technologically feasible. In 2015, we started to test autonomous trucks on public highways in Germany. In March 2016, we connected three autonomous trucks to a platoon. More about the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz truck design on

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The man behind the engine – Patrick Vogel

At Mercedes-AMG engine fitters build the R4, V8 and V12 engines by hand, following the philosophy “One Man – One Engine”. The name “Patrick Vogel” is written on the engine plate of Sidney Hoffmann’s new Mercedes-AMG C 63. Via YouTube request, Sidney Hoffman starts looking for the engine fitter. He is successful: Patrick Vogel sets aside some time to explain to Sidney Hoffmann how the engine of his new Mercedes-AMG C 63 was built.

[Mercedes-AMG C 63 | Combined fuel consumption: 8.2 l/100 km | CO2 emission: 192 g/km |]

Der Mann hinter dem Motor – Patrick Vogel

Patrick Vogel ist der AMG Techniker, dessen Name auf der Motorenplakette von Sidney Hoffmanns neuem Mercedes-AMG C 63 steht. Unter dem Motto „Bitte melde dich“ sucht Sid über einen YouTube-Aufruf Kontakt zu dem Motorenbauer. In dieser Antwort zeigt Patrick dem TV-Moderator und PS-Profi, wie sein Motor entstanden ist.

[Mercedes-AMG C 63 | Combined fuel consumption: 8,2 l/100 km | CO2 emission: 192 g/km |]

Mercedes-AMG E 43 4MATIC Trailer

With the new Mercedes-AMG E 43 4MATIC, Mercedes-AMG presents its first high-performance variant of the new E-Class. More information about the new Mercedes-AMG E 43 4MATIC:

[Combined fuel consumption: 8.3 l/100 km | CO2 emission: 189 g/km |]

Mercedes-Benz opens Mercedes me store in Beijing – Mercedes-Benz origi

Mercedes-Benz has opened its first Mercedes me store in China. The opening event for the new store in Beijing took place in the run-up to Auto China 2016, China’s largest motor fair. More about the Mercedes-Benz shopping-world on

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